Common Names: Chinese Dodder Seed, Rabbit String Seed, Hare Silk Seed, Spitting Silk Seed Pharmaceutical Name: Semen Cuscutae Botanical Name: Cuscuta chinensis TCM Category: Tonifying Herb- Tonify the Yang TCM Properties: Acrid, Sweet, Neutral TCM Channels Entered: Kidney, Liver This tiny little seed has a very big and very wide scope of action. An adaptogenic herb, there is so much power and eloquent balance contained in such a small package. In Traditional Chinese Medical terms, Tu Si Zi: tonifies both yin and yang without cloying; warms without drying; secures the essence but also gently encourages the movement of primal yang; tonifies the Kidney if there is deficiency, or facilitates if there is excess; warms if there is coolness or cools if there is heat; dries if there is dampness or if there is dryness it can moisten. For more familiar signs and symptoms, Tu Si Zi is used with other herbs to treat pathologies associated with back pain, tinnitus (ear ringing), enuresis (inability of the bladder to hold urine) and frequent urinary urges, diminished or blurred vision and spots in front of the eyes, dry eyes, dizziness, and loose stools with lack of appetite. This seed can also be applied as a single herb topically to improve Vitiligo. Reproductive Health Properties: Tu Si Zi also has a wide variety of benefits for both women’s and men’s reproductive health. For women, Tu Si Zi may improve ovulation, egg quality, thicken the uterine lining, regulate menstruation, and can be helpful with elevated Follicle Simulating Hormone levels. This herb is also used in formulas for women who are poor responders to IVF or IUI. In men, Tu Si Zi can improve different aspects of semen production as well as reduce abnormal sperm chromosomal issues and help with impotence. 

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